Caitlin Tonda, MFT
I offer psychodynamic talk therapy to adults and emotion-focused therapy for couples.  Areas which I have been successful helping clients include:

-treatment of depression
-reduction of anxiety
-increased self esteem
-increased success in relationships
-increased success in professional life
-increased insight 
-increased clarity
-healing from trauma
-improved communication skills
-improvement of relationship dynamics
-pre-marital counseling
-pregnancy and pre-parenting support
-infertility support
-treatment of pre or post-partum anxiety and depression
-parenting, co-parenting

In addition to helping clients with specific symptoms or circumstances, I provide a safe, supportive environment to share and reflect on your inner world.  The confidential environment of the therapy office can offer relief and perspective as well as a healing relationship.  
Please contact me and we can discuss your specific needs and goals.

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